Spotlight: Selex Galileo Inc. named Industry of the Year in Hancock County, Mississippi

Spotlight: Selex Galileo Inc. named Industry of the Year in Hancock County, Mississippi

Every year, the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce recognizes businesses and citizens that have made an impact on the community. This year, SELEX Galileo Inc. is pleased to receive the "Industry of the Year" award in recognition of the company's presence in Kiln, MS and strong partnership with the local area.


Watch a video interview with members of the Chamber of Commerce explaining why SELEX Galileo Inc. was selected for the award


SELEX Galileo Inc. CEO Dr. Robert Del Boca explained, "We are honored to be selected for this year's award, and look forward to our continued partnership with Hancock County and the State of Mississippi. The work that we do at our Stennis, Mississippi site is really twofold: the first focuses on providing Avionic Systems Integration and technology insertion services for aircraft platforms in support of a wide array of missions. And the second, is a training and command and control center for our warfighter and security forces. In both cases, we rely on the skilled and dedicated workforce available in the area to help us achieve our goals with our customers."


Adding Technology & Capability

Through Avionic Systems Integration services, the team installs state-of-the art technology that brings new life into aircraft platforms. The neighboring Security Assistance Support Center provides a tailored center to support special operations training missions. The facility, built to withstand category 4 hurricanes, can also serve as an emergency response center.


SELEX Galileo Inc. began operating out of Stennis, Mississippi in 2006. The initial work involved installing the Selex ESSeaspray 7500E Active Electronically Scanned Array (ASEA) radar into the United States Coast Guard (USCG) HC-130H fleet. This radar has gone on to support a number of key USCG search and rescue and drug interdiction missions. Then, as part of the USCG Avionics 1 Upgrade (A1U), the SELEX Galileo Inc. team replaced the outdated cockpit with a modern glass system in both the prototype and verification aircraft. Most recently, the hangars became host to C-130 aircraft from the United States Navy and United States Air Force which are undergoing an Electronic Propeller Control System (EPCS) upgrade. Every aircraft and unit that leaves the Stennis facility takes off with a new capability that allows it to perform better on missions around the world.


Meanwhile, training and operations began in earnest at Stennis in 2010 after the completion of the new state-of-art facility. Since then, The Security Assistance Support Center has hosted numerous special operations training exercises, as well as joint forces exercises, like PANAMAX. Sponsored by U.S. Southern Command, this exercise brought together an international group of troops to train and build capability as a multi-nation force. Leveraging access to the gulf coast for water and land exercises, as well as the state-of-the-art command and control center for classroom training, made the Stennis site the ideal location.


Salute to Business & Industry Awards Gala

The Stennis facility remains a key center of excellence in support of SELEX Galileo Inc.'s commitment to bringing technology and services to help customers achieve mission success. The award will be formally presented on August 29 2013 at the Hancock Chamber of Commerce "Salute to Business and Industry" Annual Awards Gala.

Hancock County, Mississipi 26/08/2013