Lasertel Honored by Bechtel for Outstanding Performance on Nuclear, Security and Environmental Projects

Company Honored for Commitment to Excellence and Quality

Jim Willman (far left), manager of procurement and contracts for Bechtel Corporation, and Kelly Miller, supply chain management department head at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, present the 2014 Bechtel Award for Large Subcontractor of the Year to Lasertel Vice President of Engineering Prabhu Thiagarajan and President Mark McElhinney.

Lasertel Inc. has been recognized for outstanding work on Nuclear, Security and Environmental (NSE) projects by Bechtel Corporation's NSE global business unit as part of this year's Bechtel Subcontractor and Supplier Recognition Awards. The awards recognize subcontractors and suppliers who supported Bechtel’s work in nuclear power, environmental clean-up, defense, and nuclear security and operations projects during 2014.


"Our vendors, subcontractors and suppliers are integral team members on our projects and they do amazing, innovative work in extremely difficult places," said Craig Albert, president of Bechtel’s Nuclear, Security & Environmental business unit. "These award recipients not only met our high standards for quality and performance, but also went above and beyond for mission delivery."


Lasertel was honored for the successful delivery and installation of four high-powered laser diode arrays at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. These arrays will act as the primary pump source for the High repetition-rate Advanced Petawatt Laser System (HAPLS) that will be installed at the Extreme Light Infrastructure facility in the Czech Republic. While enabling the extremely demanding HAPLS laser to meet performance requirements, the diode arrays broke several world records for scalability and brightness, as well as creating several new categories of records.


"We are honored to receive this award from Bechtel Corporation," said Mark McElhinney, president of Lasertel. "Being recognized for the hard work and commitment of the Lasertel team to meet and exceed the high expectations of Bechtel and LLNL is very rewarding."


Bechtel’s over 4,000 suppliers and subcontractors were evaluated on multiple factors. They include: overall performance; the ability to deliver quality services/supplies on time; the ability to work collaboratively to meet milestones; and meeting or exceeding project expectations in aspects of safety, construction performance, technical expertise, and environmental compliance. Nominations were reviewed and approved by Bechtel procurement and project managers. Final recommendations were approved by senior leadership.



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