Spotlight: Avionic Systems Integration – Bringing New Capabilities to Legacy Platforms

Spotlight: Avionic Systems Integration – Bringing New Capabilities to Legacy Platforms

With defense and homeland security budgets on the decline, the key question today is how to get more capability out of existing equipment.


SELEX Galileo Inc. Avionic Systems Integration upgrades meet this challenge by bringing enhanced performance to legacy aircraft platforms and systems. The team designs tailored solutions to meet specific mission profiles. The upgrades are performed in Stennis, Mississippi, where the team leverages a unique location with access to a B-747 capable runway and over 80,000 square feet of hangar space, for a full-service capability.




Services include:

  • Design
  • Technology insertion
  • Installation and modification
  • Flight testing
  • Training


Glass Cockpits and Synthetic Aperture Radar

SELEX Galileo Inc. recently delivered the first prototype aircraft of the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Avionics 1 Upgrade, or “A1U”, glass cockpit upgrade. Working with partner Rockwell Collins, SELEX Galileo Inc. removed the existing legacy system components and wiring interfaces to facilitate the installation of advanced flight deck displays, autopilot, control displays, and navigational and communication systems. The prototype aircraft will now undergo nine months of testing, while SELEX Galileo Inc. performs the same upgrade to a second “verification” aircraft.


The same USCG HC-130H aircraft also came through the SELEX Galileo Inc. hangar during the installation of its Seaspray 7500E Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar back in 2009-2010. With the Seaspray 7500E on board, the HC-130H offered the crew a greater level of visibility to detect small targets in high clutter environments. The fleet is now in service with the USCG, and the radar has assisted in various search and rescue and drug interdiction missions.


Enhanced Capability

By installing, upgrading, and improving an asset already owned by the customer, SELEX Galileo Inc. provides an unprecedented set of new capabilities to help the end user perform today’s missions. Equipped with the latest and greatest, Avionic Systems Integration is the gateway to enhanced capabilities for pilots and crews worldwide.

Stennis, Mississippi 14/05/2013